Mother/Father God, we ask for peace for this strife- and grief-stricken planet. The events of the recent past have left the vast majority of us in shock, disbelief, fear, anger, rage and hatred. How could anyone have committed such barbaric acts? How can the Life you have created with all of your myriad creations be treated with such utter contempt and disregard?


Underneath all of these questions and feelings are our grief and sadness. Our spirits, hearts and minds weep at the terrible damage that has been done in so many ways and to so many people.


Mother/Father God, in this darkest of times, we ask that the energy behind all of our thoughts and feelings be channeled into peaceful and healing avenues. May we feel your comforting embrace as we move through this tragedy to learn from it and build a better, more peaceful world. Grant us the knowingness that as we channel our energies into peace and healing, we are neutralizing the destructive effects caused by this tragedy. We ask that you guide all of the world’s leaders in their decisions and actions.


We honor thee, beloved Mother, beloved Father, for giving us the experience of living, for providing these wonderful vehicles that we inhabit when we incarnate upon this planet.


Help and guide us to build a better world for all Life. Let history record this tragedy as spawning a new age of enlightenment.