A Dream

I had a dream sometime ago regarding a co-worker. This person and I never got along and usually avoided each other at every opportunity. In the dream, she came into my office. She didn't look exactly like the person I knew but I intuitively knew this "person" was she. As she came into my office, she closed the door behind her. I was very apprehensive about this as I expected a major confrontation. Instead, she exhibited the most beautiful smile I had ever seen and began speaking about how exciting and enjoyable things were at the company where we worked. I went along with this pleasant conversation still quite apprehensive. As the conversation progressed I couldn't help but notice how radiant she was. She wasn't physically radiating anything that I could see, but if any word describes what I saw, it would be radiant. She looked so full of life and happiness, it was wonderful for me to behold. Also, it seemed that our personality differences became non-existent (at least to her). When she left my office after our conversation, I was stunned and bewildered. That's where the dream ended.

After much thinking on this, I came to the conclusion that what I saw was this person's "soul" if you will: The truest essence of this person. It made me realize that everyone's, everything's truest, permanent self is inconceivably beautiful and perfect. Thus is the nature of God and all of its "creations".

As to the co-worker, we still have our differences but I do see her in a very different light than I used to. It has helped me to see not only her but also many others in a different light. There has been a noticeable improvement in my own attitude when I have been around these people. For me, this dream was a real eye-opener.