I Am That I Am Expressed As:


Female Energy



I Am the Stabling, Sustaining, Nurturing, Centering (Home) Influence in Life. I Am Bright and Creative. I Am Gravity. I Am Home. Many times, I Am the Unseen but Keenly Felt. I Am Stability in a chaotic world and Comfort and Warmth in a cold world. I Am the Unseen Strength and Stability of the World. I bring a Quiet and Unseen Order to things. I Am able to face situations and events on a daily (recurring) basis that can be traumatic or mundane with an Unwavering, Unrecognized Strength.


I Am here in all conditions and circumstances… and beyond them. In the No-Beginning, all things sprang from Me. Look closely and see Me not. I Am all-pervasive but easily missed. I Am the “Unmoved” in the phrase, “Unmoved Mover”. I Am also My Counterpart (there is no division or difference, We Are One).